Services Overview

Interior Services

Your home, office or factory can always do with regular focus on interiors. Fidelus Solutions in Parry Sound renovates spaces, giving them just the touch you want. We take orders for constructing new kitchens and bathrooms, complete with custom effects. We even take your choice into account for foundation material. Make your interiors reflect your personality or work ethic!

Power and Drainage

Fidelus Solutions in Muskoka gives you the best options in electric contractor services and drainage. We have an ESA license for power provisions. We help set up electric pole lines for your locality and provide gas and electric generators. If you have wet basement problems, turn to us. Drainage tile installation is also one of our quality services. Call us with your power and plumbing woes.

Redos for Foundational Structures

Concrete structures can show faults over time. So can foundations. We provide concrete and structural repair services that are the best in line. Fidelus Solutions Custom Builders repairs and restores foundations with stonework of your choice. You can also choose to lay new ones to start over. Underpinning and footing underpin the other services here. Fix the cracks in your dream spaces today!

Quality Roofing and More

A strong shelter needs a good roof. To give you roofs to call your own under the wide skies, Fidelus offers a range of sloped and flat roofing options. If you’re looking for visually satisfying roofing options that are sound and useful too, you’re in luck. We specialise in cedar shake installation. Choose us to put a sound cover over your head!

Local, Experienced Contractors In Muskoka & Parry Sound At Affordable Rates

Fidelus Solutions Main Services

Electrical Contractor Services

  • Certified by the Electrical Security Authority to provide in-house electrical infrastructure.
  • Pole line construction specialists.
  • Primary and secondary construction levels for electrical line mapping.

Roofing Contractor Services

  • Composition
  • TPO / PVC
  • Cedar Shakes & Shingles
  • Metal
  • Emergency repairs

Waterproofing & Foundations

  • Laying new foundations and repairing or restoring existing ones.
  • Underpinning and footing repair services.
  • We deal in masonry, blocks and stone.

Draining & Plumbing

  • Installing drainage tiles.
  • Wet basement repair
  • Waterproofing

Bathroom Remodeling

  • Custom ceramics and natural stone
  • Installation of showers and tubs
  • Complete turn-key services

Cribs and Dock Construction

  • Custom dock design and construction
  • Crib design and construction

Custom Concrete Services

  • Custom forming
  • Custom concrete